Sunday, 28 August 2011

Increased Mileage - No Issues!

I managed to get out this morning for my 5th (yes 5th!) run of the week.

It was a lovely Sunday morning and I had a 6 mile run by the canal.

What was so good about this accomplishment is that this brought my mileage total to 25 miles for the week, with running on 5 days over the last week.

My mileage hasn't been particularly good over the past few weeks - I have been struggling to get in double digits for the past few weeks due to work commitments and being away on holiday, but have managed to hit 25 miles this week quite comfortably.

The reason I think I've been able to step up the miles with no issues is, I believe, due to the Galloway run/walk method. I've been talking about it for a while now on the podcast, but I've been sticking to it for all of my running and it really seems to be paying dividends.

I know there is a limit to the amount you can step up your mileage before you end up getting injured (the good old '10% rule'), but I've not noticed any issues with this jump in mileage.

Generally, when I jump my mileage my body let's me know pretty quickly that it isn't happy and I'll end up with shin splits, a sore hip, or something similar. But this time, things seem to be hanging together well.

This sudden jump in mileage wasn't particularly planned. I just happened to get plenty of opportunity to run this week and hadn't even totalled up my cumulative mileage - it was only when I imported my miles in the Daily Mile that I realised that I'd clocked up so many miles for the week.

Anyhow, I thought I'd put up a note about how the Run/Walk method is working out well for me. It's definitely worth thinking about getting Jeff Galloway's book (Galloway Training Programs) and maybe getting hold of an interval timer and giving it a try (there's an Amazon link in this article - it is an affiliate link, but there are plenty of other places you source them yourself).

You can also hear more about the Run/Walk/Run method from Jeff himself over at 'The Extra Mile Podcast - Galloway Edition', which is well worth checking out.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ar*e and Elbow Explained

In the UK we have an expression which describes someone who is doing a particularly bad job or is struggling with a particular task. In these circumstances, it's not uncommon to hear someone utter the phrase: "he doesn't know his arse from his elbow".

I'm not too sure what the origins of this particular colloquialism are, but I thought that as a public service, I should provide guidance for folks who are in the position of not knowing their 'arse from their elbow' about the items in question.

I have taken the liberty of presenting my own examples in the pictures presented below for anyone who may be in doubt. Hopefully by careful inspection of the fine images presented below, people who may be in an arse/elbow quandry will have any doubts removed forever.

This is an arse (in a rather cheap pair of poorly fitted jeans)

This is an elbow (and no anti-wrinkle cream used at all! Not bad for 47)

I hope this clears things up once and for all for anyone who may have problems in this particular area.

Incidentally, if you suffer with either of the areas mentioned in this post, the following items from Amazon may be of use to you (these are affiliate links which I will make a pittance on, should you use them...)
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