Friday, 26 December 2014

NRD#028 - 26th Dec 2014

Another Xmas catch-up from your truly. Hear about my Xmas day rescue mission, my new shoes and just how much I over-ate.

Get the MP3 file here

NRD#027 - 24th Dec 2014

Here is a recording from earlier this year whilst I was out on a run on beautiful Sunday morning in June. Whilst running past a canal boat, someone asked: "are you Nigel?". Fame at last! Listen to this episode where I finally bump in to one of my listeners.

Get the MP3 file here

NRD#026 - 21st Dec 2014

Another catch-up on my Sunday run. Hear me talk about my Xmas list, elderly people shopping on Saturdays, why I don't buy Nike shoes any more and why modern TVs are rubbish. Of course, today is my fave day of the year, but I still end up being a bit grumpy...sorry.

Get the episode here

NRD#025 - 19th Dec 2014

Another quick check-in during my lunch break. I've had a note from the doctor, come up with an ingenious way to hang Xmas lights and have finished my Xmas shopping.

Get the MP3 file here

Saturday, 13 December 2014

NRD#024 - 13th Dec 2014

It's hard to believe, but after a 6 month 'break' here is another audio offering form yours truly. Hear what I've been up to. Also hear me have a close encounter with some geese and almost fall head-first in to the canal.

Get the MP3 recording here.
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